Kirk McEwen and Al Cieslak kickin' it and cuttin' it up about pop culture, life and anything else that comes to mind!

What can we say, this is what guys are talking about, so why not us?  Jadaveon and Johnny Football, the "N" word and some others just as rude, Harold Ramis and Dale Jr., and a few things we'd rather not put in print, all right here on this latest Kirk McEwen Show!  Skidoosh!

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SNL alum and old friend Jim Breuer stops by for a chat!  He's still out there making 'em laugh and he reminisces about playing the KirkMarkAndLopezapalooza with Tommy Chong and the Scorpions back in the day and gives us the scoop on if there'll ever be a "Half Baked 2."  Also, Johnny Cash's greatness and Jimmy Kimmel's cunning stunt on this KMS!  We think you'll find it flows..., click banner and proceed to  And we thank you!
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There's so much to talk about with our old friend, the straight-shooting Jerry Coleman!  Like, Ray Rice on tape dragging his unconscious fiancee off an Atlantic City elevator, Coleman's issue with Nasty Nestor Aparicio, and how pissed was Hall of Fame coach Joe Gibbs when he called his house?  Also, our adult star Mount Rushmore (umm, John Holmes?) on this action packed edition of The Kirk McEwen Show!  So good you'll wanna download it twice...
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Our close personal friend and former 98 Rock jock Stash has found his way back into a tight spot and he has a message he wanted us to convey to his friends and fans.  We're also treated to a blistering set by Sidekick Mike and a visit by web TV star Jesse Ventura on this truly tasty Kirk McEwen Show!

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Sometimes you gotta watch your step in the year's shortest month, February.  In this episode we spotlight a Black History Month faux pas that would make Fuzzy Zoeller proud!  We thank you for the material!  And, get ready for the NFL's first openly gay player!  This is about to get good!  That and so much more on The Kirk McEwen Show!  Always interesting!

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It was 50 years ago today the Beatles changed rock n' roll forever.  Will another group ever approach the impact they were able to make?  We think not.  Also, a tip of the cap to Jay Leno after 22 years hosting 'The Tonight Show' [Conan Who?] and a long look at the dumpster fire that is Sochi on this brand new KMS!
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We were all pretty rocked by the death of Philip Seymour Hoffman who died this past weekend at age 46.  Why, God, why couldn't it have been Steve Guttenberg instead?  Just kidding, relax!  Anyway, addiction drags down another great.  That, our Super Bowl wrap, and a ton more on the web's only [we think] bi-coastal, 3 city operation, The KMS!  Keep up with what's up...
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With Super Sunday bearing down we figured we'd catch up with Terry Tate: Office Linebacker, which is STILL one of the best Super Bowl commercials ever!  We also talk about the newest drug you should be terrified of called krokodil and our boy Raunch Foxxx [Big Ray Petty] hips us to a butt even nicer than Instagram sensation Jen Selter's!  A full and flavorful show we know you'll enjoy...

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