Kirk McEwen and Al Cieslak kickin' it and cuttin' it up about pop culture, life and anything else that comes to mind!
Who did YOU talk to this week?  I had the distinct pleasure of sitting down (actually, standing up) with the legendary race car driver Mario Andretti at the Grand Prix of St. Petersburg!  It was media day at the track and nobody had the stones to go up and talk to the man...except this guy.  Also on hand was Earl "The Twirl" Christy, member of the Super Bowl III Champion Jets who, along with a bunch of other guys on the field, was a graduate of the old UMES.  We get a few minutes with Earl and then do what we normally do on this Opening Day Edition of The Kirk McEwen Show.  Rip it on up!  Enjoy.
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How do you get that 2nd date?  Then what do you when you finally knock it down to ensure an encore performance?  One is an actual Family Feud question, the other is one of ours.  Either way it's a damn entertaining edition of The Kirk McEwen Show!

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It's well known that our Sidekick Mike IS NOT a polished broadcaster, but this week's installment of "Out of the Blue" shows what the boy can do when he's had his meds!  It's lively, engaging and entertaining, have a listen for yourself.   And very sad news this week surrounding a couple of long-time friends.  We'll elaborate on that and address those pesky rumors (allegedly) surrounding one of Hollywood's most eligible bachelors on this Kirk McEwen Show!
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We love Buzz Burbank, long-time newsman for The Don and Mike Show and podcast pioneer.  When we heard the news that Don Geronimo was joining The RELM Network with his own podcast we felt like we needed to go to the man who's known him longest.  Buzz also shares his theories on Malaysian Flight 370 and on who cuts down the nets at the NCAA Championship in North Texas, on this Kirk McEwen Show!  Good to go!
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One of our favorite people and a current star of 'Ink Master' on Spike, Halo stops by for another sit-down. It's great catching up as he kicks ass on Season 4!  We call Sidekick Bobbie (Mike's sister) on her birthday as a sort of podcast photo bomb and we bounce out early when we take a stab at "The Feud" on this edition of The Kirk McEwen Show!

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It's time to get in shape and we share a "mother" of a tip for guys to knock down the belly fat, rev up the metabolism and suppress appetite.  We start on Monday and you should, too!  Also, our "Ray Rice Elevator Ride" recipients this week, "Spring Forward, Fall Asleep" and Kirk's 21 year old nephew, Connor, does Tampa on this fresh blast from your boys!
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It's a special time in her life and why shouldn't she share it with you? Playing the "Senior Circuit" has it's advantages as Al remembers.  Also, it might be legal but that doesn't make it OK: the argument against up-skirting and a little fun with Michael Sam on this edition of the KMS!

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On this show Kirk pays homage to Mike O'Meara for teaching him about a little thing called passion.  We also salute the Podfather, Adam Carolla who continues to fight for podcasters everywhere.  Kirk apologizes for being a dick to Sidekick Mike and Al last week, we also holler, "Poop Dollar!", as well as dig our claws into the issues of the day on this brand new KMS! 

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Jim and Don's comedy tour rolled into DC in September of 2011 and Kirk was there.  He sat down with two thirds of 'That Metal Show' in an interview that's funnier than we remembered!  We also get some podcast gold from Sidekick Mike in the art of poop-scooping, his full-time gig.  Let's just say business is... "picking up" on this fresh and steamin' Kirk McEwen Show!
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