Kirk McEwen and Al Cieslak kickin' it and cuttin' it up about pop culture, life and anything else that comes to mind!
We get to know Don Geronimo's new right hand man, Drew Hoffar.  Side by side with the Radio God!  Fact is, Drew is pretty damn entertaining on his own, check him out!  Kirk also catches up with Eddie Money at Clearwater's fun 'n sun celebration!  That and a bunch more on this Kirk McEwen Show!
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Every now and then we get it right and this is one of those times.  We cover a lot of ground so try and keep up.  A despicable hospital story from Florida, killer audio from Sidekick Mike and Al's hilarious story of the night Johnny Carson was nervous make this one to keep.  You're welcome.

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The guys have to stick together and because knowledge is power, we present our first ever Man Forum!  Straight talk from other men on issues that confront all of us everyday.  And ladies, we're talking about YOU!   Also, contact us with your questions for the Advice Diva [as heard on The Howard Stern Show] at and she'll answer them next week on The KMS!
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Owner of the world famous brothel Moonlight Bunny Ranch Dennis Hof joins the boys for a very candid and open conversation.  Nothing is out of bounds with Dennis and it's easy to understand why he is such an astute businessman and modern maverick!  Hear the story of how Barbie Girl & Ava Adora, two of his "working girls" posed for pictures with Bill Clinton!  We also welcome in DJ Birdman and Chief Engineer Mick Marcellino to add some flavor to this extremely lively Kirk McEwen Show!  Enjoy...
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Dog bites wallet!  Ouch!  How much is too much when it comes to laying out cash for an ailing pet?  We debate.  We also both caught the piece on Pharrell this past weekend and weigh in on his Midas Touch and easy way.  And the low down on The Kirk McEwen Band playing with Eddie Money and The Romantics next weekend on this fresh KMS!

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There from the start, way back when it was called 'The Kirk & Al Show', there was Pugly, Al's rescued Pekingese/Pug mix.  Just recently Pugly has been stricken with a mysterious (and costly) illness.  Let's just say Pugly is lucky Kirk wasn't the one making his life and death dog decisions!  Also, the sad and tragic death of The Ultimate Warrior, in a strip mall parking lot no less, and so much more, on this brand new KMS!

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Jimmy Patsos was on Gary Williams' staff at Maryland when I met him in 2000.  He's a great guy, that's why I was so excited when his Siena Saints won the CBI Tournament beating Fresno State 81-68.  Jimmy wins everywhere he goes( including Loyola, Md, which isn't easy to do) and is eager to weigh in on his former boss, players he's coached and UConn's victory over Kentucky.  We love him and so will you!  And, like a sick kid, we touch on a bunch of other stuff, too, on this edition of The Kirk McEwen Show!

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Hard to believe we've been at this for 2 years now!  We've had so many great memories along the way and we take a second to reflect.  We also celebrate the genius of David Letterman as he prepares for his next chapter.  And can you believe Kurt Cobain's been dead 20 years?  We touch 'em all in this milestone edition of The KMS!
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Yep, it's all here!  Our thoughts and observations on the traditional Jewish wedding and funeral, ceremonies to which we aren't often privy.  We also welcome the newest member of the RELM Network, the one and only Don Geronimo and a message to a friend and colleague.  That and a boat load more on this here brand new Kirk McEwen Show!  So good.
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