Kirk McEwen and Al Cieslak kickin' it and cuttin' it up about pop culture, life and anything else that comes to mind!

Memorial Day is American heroes and family and all are accounted for on this latest edition of The KMS.  A fun listen as we edge into the holiday weekend.  Hear from a studio full of people, including Roxxi the shih-tzu and Bro-in-Law Mike (the Ruth's Chris bartender) on his life behind bars.   Be safe, enjoy and we'll catch you on the other side... 

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We gonna party our face off, July 4th and 5th!  Find out all the details on this latest installment.  We also say goodbye to Bob Schmuff, the man who brought us such killer clubs as A.L Gators, Daytona's, and Thunder Dome as he lost his battle with cancer.  And the corporate village is the only way to do Preakness we find out on this fresh edition of The KMS!
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Down the stretch they come! With Preakness upon us you'll need a sure bet and long-time pony player Clay gets us straight on the 12th race at Old Hilltop.  Plus we get to reminiscing about one of rock n' roll's truly great clubs Hammerjack's.  And hysterical Pablo Francisco drops by on his way to the Tampa Improv on this packed edition of The Kirk McEwen Show!
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Jon Saraceno was a USA Today sports writer for decades and loves the sweet science.  He recently spent a couple of days with 'The Greatest' and reports back on the 72 year old Ali who continues his fight with Parkinson's.  We also talk Johnny Football, Donald Sterling, and the kiss heard 'round the world on this fresh KMS!
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People got problems and Robbyne the Advice Diva is here to help!  She's matched wits with Howard Stern and is ready to dish it out to the listeners of The KMS!  We also run down Al's voyage to Louisiana bayou country and Kirk comes face to face with his first roof rat on this fresh edition!  Send all inquiries for The Advice Diva to
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From "The First Family of Comedy" Shawn Wayans drops by and delivers!  Find out why he thinks Kirk is "the devil" in this hilarious exchange!  We also get our first visit from Robbyne The Advice Diva, direct from Howard Stern!  This week she straightens out our boy Ray from San Antonio who just can't leave bad enough alone, on this packed and stacked Kirk McEwen Show!

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