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Can we talk?  Comedic legend Joan Rivers is on death's doorstep and the news dropped when we were laying this down.  Love her or hate her, the woman blazed quite a trail.   Also, maybe 9 year olds shouldn't be shooting Uzi's at 'Bullets and Burgers' anyway!  Anybody think of that?  Sheesh, what's wrong with people?   And the brothas have found the beach, all on this jammed Labor Day KMS!

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Ladies and gentlemen, our good friend Buzz has agreed to join the show on the regular!  Cornerstone of RELM Network and host of his very own "Buzz Burbank News and Comment," we all enjoy each other's company, so it's on!  This show, trouble in Ferguson, Ice Bucket fatigue, and Buzz cracks up the room on the NEW AND IMPROVED Kirk McEwen Show!  Expect more...
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Stash grants me his first interview after 6 months in jail, his last 6 months he says.  He's been through so much since that day in July 2012, you can hear redemption in his voice.  We are also joined by our good friend Buzz Burbank who sheds light on the hasty departure of Don Geronimo's show from the RELM Network line-up as well as the depression that ultimately claimed Robin Williams' life on this chock- full Kirk McEwen Show!

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Talk about a difficult year so far, Ray Rice has had it!  Fair or not, we get into that 2 game suspension handed down by Goodell and the NFL. We also share our own stories that could've gotten us a 2 game suspension.  And Dayman from ID Life stops by to fill us in on a truly incredible company.  That and everything else on this edition of The Kirk McEwen Show! 
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