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Karen Loftus is many things but one thing she's not is afraid. She's traveled the world extensively and has some very interesting observations on being American in Arab states where people seem to hate us. That and a bunch more on this edition of The KMP!

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Last week we lost Scott Weiland at the age of 48.  He had a long and public battle with drugs and alcohol and our boy Stash puts it all into perspective.  We also talk about other rock stars taken too soon, penises for veterans, and everything else that fits!

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We take some time to catch up with 98 Rock Baltimore's midday maven, Amelia!  She lays out her path to the airwaves, explains what happened with the morning show Mickey, Amelia, and Spiegel and everything in between. Oh, and another mass shooting, on this brand new Kirk McEwen Podcast...

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