Kirk McEwen and Al Cieslak kickin' it and cuttin' it up about pop culture, life and anything else that comes to mind!

With Super Sunday bearing down we figured we'd catch up with Terry Tate: Office Linebacker, which is STILL one of the best Super Bowl commercials ever!  We also talk about the newest drug you should be terrified of called krokodil and our boy Raunch Foxxx [Big Ray Petty] hips us to a butt even nicer than Instagram sensation Jen Selter's!  A full and flavorful show we know you'll enjoy...

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Kirk's brother Mark completes an incredible journey that puts him back on television almost 9 years after suffering a massive stroke!  He fills in all the details and explains how he now has to do everything left-handed. That's right.  Everything. We also welcome back our old friend, internet king Raunch Foxxx AKA Big Ray Petty on this fresh and hot mid-week edition of The Kirk McEwen Show...
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Halo Jankowski is quite a man.  He dropped over a hundred pounds, beat testicular cancer without chemotherapy (mind-blowing story!), regularly holds fundraisers to benefit those in need, and, oh yeah, is about to become a TV star!  He's a starring member on this season's "Ink Master" which premieres February 25th on Spike.  Also, a few minutes with rocker and Geico pitchman Eddie Money on this latest edition of The KMS!  Belieb it!
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Isn't it supposed to be a holiday?  Then why are so many people at work?  We'll discuss.  And, that was some good football in the Conference Championship games this weekend!  Richard Sherman blew up the twitter-verse and Wes Welker blew up Aqib Talib!  That and more in this condensed version of The Kirk McEwen Show!

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KMS - Premium Show Teaser - #001 - ***Promo Only*** To get this show please click this link and enjoy.

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Rappin' Ray and Pumpin' Paul used to be on the wheels at Baltimore's biggest clubs back in the 80's.  Say, whatever happened to 6' 10'', 325 lb. Big Ray Petty, anyway?  A guy that big doesn't just disappear.   Well he moved west and became Raunch Foxxx, the biggest cyber-shock jock on the internet, pumping out goodness since 2004!  The guy's a great storyteller and we cover just about everything!  An hour well spent...
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Lopez was one of the smartest people to ever plug in headphones and Kirk got to reminiscing on today's show.  He's recently heard from Mike (Mark) Ondayko and got to thinking about some of the best days of his radio career.  Kirk also dug up a virtual radio tour narrated by Lopez himself, something people have never heard!  That, Alan,"Out of the Blue" with Sidekick Mike and a whole lot more on this Kirk McEwen Show!

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Is there anything better than a big ol' dusty toupee perched on some dude's head?  Our boy Al gives us the first-hand lowdown on the art of skillfully sporting fake fur, seeing as he did it for a decade!  We also remember "The King", Elvis Aaron Presley on what would've been his 79th.  If you're old enough you remember where you were when you heard he died.  And classic Kirk and Mike promos from The Edge on this KMS!

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Is the Assistant Principal doin' the English teacher?  And what's the deal with "smarties" anyway?  School teachers give us a look inside our schools as they pimp their side project,  We also fill everybody in on Stash's whereabouts lately and reminisce about train wreck Tonya Harding 20 years later on this edition of The KMS!  Enjoy!
This show dedicated to the life and music of Phil Everly {January 19, 1939 ~ January 3, 2014}
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We get it.  Win Super Bowl, pitch products.  It would help if the guy pitching the product was easily understandable!  We'll explain.  We also explain the phenomenon known as the "meat sweats" and we'll climb in the gap that is Michael Strahan's diastema, all on this edition of the Kirk McEwen Show!

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The Christmas Bonus Show was epic, featuring RELM's Buzz Burbank and Mariya Alexander, among others, and an open forum on the recent legalization of pot in Colorado.  What do you think?  Is the wacky weed more acceptable than the fire water? Engaging, provocative thought on the topic that won't go away on this LIVE KMS Bonus Show!

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Kirk and Al share the joy of the season and remember favorite memories of yuletides past with a very special visit from Kirk's father! Merry Christmas and we'll see you on the 29th!

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Chip Franklin took on Baltimore Mayor Martin O'Malley when he was on WBAL-AM and San Diego Mayor Bob Filner when he was morning host at KOGO-AM.  How did he come to almost fight then-Mayor O'Malley in a parking lot?  And what does he really think of the recently removed Mayor Filner who took a "hands on" approach to politics?  His answer might surprise you!  Plus, the guys raise some very interesting points in the 'Duck Dynasty' debacle on this fresh and tasty Kirk McEwen Show!

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We've done well over 100 shows since April 2012.  This is one of our finest.  Comedian and radio good guy Justin Schlegel talks openly and honestly about everything, including why he gave up stand-up, the current state of the legendary 98 Rock in Baltimore where he hosts mornings, and walking in on his girl and another man!  This one's podcast gold, people.  You WILL laugh.  Period.  Merry Christmas, a little early.  And many thanks for clicking the banner on when shopping

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We get to know Bridget the Midget on this installment of the KMS!  And of course we ask the question, "Wouldja?"  Also, details on our "Christmas Bonus" Live Show at Severna Park Taphouse on December 29th, featuring Buzz Burbank, Marc Ronick and Lowell Melser, with a Paul McCartney Tribute by Jed Duvall.  The guys get into everything on this edition of The Kirk McEwen Show!

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Why would the head of Lululemon step down?  We're big fans of their work!  We'll tell you why.  And we've got more details on Kirk McEwen's 'Christmas Bonus Live Show' Sunday December 29th at Severna Park Taphouse!  Also, Al reminisces about the "niche" videos his ex would have him buy (Wow!) and the question that pissed off the great Larry King on this edition of The Kirk McEwen Show!  Always interesting...
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Live and uncut, it's the host of "Buzz Burbank News & Comment" on this edition of The Kirk McEwen Show!  Buzz opens up about his broadcasting past as DC's most popular news guy for over 20 years with Don and Mike, how he got his start in the heartland, and swinging successfully (you heard right!)  The boys also uncover the joy of eating uncooked ground beef, also known as cannibal sandwiches, if you're OK with the e coli!  There's that and a bunch more on this fresh, new KMS, so dig in...

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Mike Preston has been in and out of locker rooms his entire life.  Hell, he even got a tryout with the CFL Montreal Alouettes before deciding upon a career as a sports columnist (he's been at the Baltimore Sun since 1983.)  Mike says, among other things, football players know who's gay on the team and don't really care as long as you perform on the field.  We pick Mike's big brain clean of all his knowledge, a riveting listen, we're certain you'll agree!  We even throw in a few minutes with Scant Man from Tampa Bay's Party Station, 94 WiLD on this fresh installment of The Kirk McEwen Show!  Good stuff.

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We're back with our after-stuffing offering and it's our smoothest show since Kirk was back in Baltimore last year, thanks to the new fiber optics.  You can clearly hear the boys dis' the Macy's Day Parade (a colossal waste o' time), wonder about NFL games being fixed (they do seem to always end curiously close to the spread), and salute the legendary Garth Brooks on his Vegas run! You got friends in low places on The Kirk McEwen Show!

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